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Installation of Carpet

Taking It All In-Store



Use the visual aids you have gathered and ask us for similar flooring samples to see if the color and style are what you're looking for. Take your samples home. Can you live with them? Or without them?


It really is all about you. Talk to our sales representatives about your lifestyle and tastes. Find out what options work best for you, and learn the benefits of each. It has to be a good fit.


Now that you have all the information, really discuss with us the products you're considering. Do you prefer a rustic or sleek style? Do you like shag carpeting or dramatic patterns? Cut the contenders down, and think long-term.


We encourage you to find out the details of the sale. Our sales rep will talk with you about the installation and discuss the basics of how to maintain your floor. Unclear on something? Ask us again. We don't think you're being pushy; we think you're being smart.

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